Friday, February 08, 2008

Part One

Rome HBO has been the best TV show ever in my life. Some coworker gave me first season and after that I become addicted. In Rome HBO history Bruno Heller (Author) talk about two soldiers Lucius Vorenus an honorable and pragmatic Centurion and Titus Pullo an arrogant, rebellious Legionnaire. Gaius Julius Caesar has finally completed his bloody conquest of Gaul but his golden eagle is stole a symbol of his reign and found Magnus Pompey guilty. Begin a war between Julio Cesar and Pompey because The balance of power lies in the Senate with Pompey Magnus.

Cesar’s niece Atia has taken it upon herself to assuage Pompey's grief by offering her daughter, Octavia, to be his new wife, despite the girl's deep love for her current husband, a commoner. Careful to play both sides of the escalating power struggle, Atia also sends Caesar a grand token of her gratitude, a regal white horse hand-delivered after a perilous journey by her precocious 11-year-old son, Octavian.

When Julio Cesar return to Rome after 7 years Vorenus find his wife with a new child, and she lies to her husband about true parents of the baby. Pullo always is in problems with prostitutes, beer and red wine.

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