Friday, May 04, 2012

How to backup your favorite movies & TV shows

How do you could get a copy of your favorite video media? If your medias are in a DVD disc then you may ripping first, an easy cheaper option is Clone DVD Mobile and easy DVD. The last one is to access to the protected DVD information, the first one is to ripping properly. I always use the iPod video format since has good quality in audio and video and a reasonable size.

My suggestion: ripping only in English as language and if you want subtitles, you should search them in google such as as soon as you get the subtitle you can  add them using VLC. Video > Subtitles Track > Open File. Some times there is a desynchronize rate in subtitles and audio if so, you can synchronize using  Tools > Track Synchronization.

The storage rate is cheaper than other media format, for example you could store The Tudors first season in only two DVD (10 episodes 60 minutes each one as average).

Enjoy it.


darinka said...

Tuve un deja vu !!!

josdem . said...

Por lo menos rippeaste 50 usando CloneDVD Mobile entre películas y documentales. :)