Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Winner stands alone

In the new book from Coelho seems like I'm reading another author, and is because is so different to another books from him in terms of style.

The history is based on Cannes film festival where Coelho shows life style and glamour on models looking for a chance, directors and rich people.

I love Coelho's books because always I can get new quotes as lessons on my life, like this:

1. Love only lives on freedom.
2. Because the only reason to change from angel to evil suddenly is that you have feelings like revenge and resentment in your heart.
3. Religion leaders normally using afraid and guilty instead of love that in theory is more important.
4. Some experments results shows that if two persons have been to much time together can realize the other presence in a same ambient even if one can't see or know about other presence.

In addition the reason why I like this book is because of the character Igor .  On one hand he is portrayed as a man of principle who becomes a serial killer, in hope to winning his wife back. On the other hand he is shown as Mr. Devil through the eyes of his ex-wife. Also I knew thanks to this book the history behind on Gary Ridgway, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson all serial killers from USA.

Concluding the book is good because is a new theme explored by Coelho.

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darinka said...

No lo he leido pero por lo que veo en tu blog este libro muestra solo la realidad de como el poder y el dinero logran cambiar la vida de una persona, lo más triste es que cambia a esas personas que han luchado para lograr el éxito, cuando debería de ser lo contrario nunca dejar de ser humilde de corazon.

Coelho es brillante!!!!

Raquel Picazo said...

I really liked your blog my friend, enjoyed reading and share with you some likes. Congrats! Keep in touch!