Sunday, February 21, 2010


Now I'm working in a open source project with Omar (@Zageyiff). The idea is to increase my knowledge as Developer with new challenges, besides with this effort I'll be able to contribute to the huge open source community.

In order to understand what JAudioScrobbler means, first we need to take a look at . builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of the songs the user listens to, either from some media player, or  many portable music devices.

JAudioScrobbler send all your mp4 &  mp3 tracks that exist in a specific directory as tracks listened  to site. In addition search which tracks have Artist & Track name but that missing album in the metadata, JAudioScrobbler send a request to MusicBrainz  in order to get that specific album and track number.

The main goal for JAudioScrobbler is provide all metadata (album, tracknumer, lyrics, cover art, etc) that we can get from some API available on  the principal music vendors databases & engine sites.

Now we're able to download JAudioScrobbler from google code from here:  Download

There are only two features that I'm thinking about but is working progress and in a sort time we can get another cool functionality or even more open Source projects.

BTW this is my lastfm profile: josdem

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Jose Luis De la Cruz.

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