Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Install ROM in your LG E612f

Hello Everybody. I recently had to change my LG mobile phone from Telcel to Movistar carrier, since I had enough with Telcel and their stupid spam messages, and their recurrent service charges that I did not ask for.

In order to change your carrier follow the instructions bellow:

Step1. Search for all software you will need such as:

A. LG Firmware: firmware
     Only select your mobile model phone and country and download the carrier you want to use.
B. Download the LG drivers from here: drivers
C. Download the KDZ installer from here: installer
Step 2: Install the drivers (I did it in a Windows 7 32 bits computer)
Step 3. Unzip and install the KDZ installer (Step 1. Section C: KDZ_FW_UPD.exe)
Step 4. Set your phone in emergency mode:

   Reboot your phone: (remove your battery and set it again) while press + and - volume buttons, then connect your USB cable.

Step 5. Select your KDZ(Step 1. Section A) in the installer with the following options:
   Follow the instructions and wait until the software reboot your phone.
Step 6. Set a code in order to unlock your phone I did it from cellunlocker.
   This video show how to do it.

Enjoy your phone free from the evil.

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