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After Dogville, the next natural step is to see Manderlay, and again Lars von Trier has judged America, in this time whit the slavery topic. Now I want to extract some important dialogs on Manderlay.

Grace father's: Listen Grace, it's a local matter. It's not for us to poke our noses in.
Grace: Just because it's a local matter? It's not our responsibility.
You think the Negroes wanted to leave Africa?
Wasn't us who brought them here?
We've done them a great wrong. It's our abouse that's made them what they are.

Here another dialog.

Thimoty: When we were slaves, we were not required to offer thanks for our supper and for the water we drank and the air we breathed.
Grace: Nobody needs to say thank you ...But.
Thimoty: But what? You mean there's something we ought to be thankful for?
Grace: There's no reason to be grateful for anything as natural as you freedom.
I'm the first to apologize for everything.
You and you people have been subjected to.
Those gates should have been unlocked years ago.
Thimoty: Only 70 years ago. But before that, of course they were completly justified.

After slavery in Manderlay owners offer lend some money to all black people,  and also put a store. In Mexico history between years 1810 and 1910 was happening something similar we called "Tiendas de Raya" Which is basically the same, pretend to offer employment to someone on places that we called "Haciendas" and let all people to work with no more chance to get supplies from "tienda de raya" (larder store) instead of money, in that way "hacendados" (Hacienda's owners) keep control in workers and market.

When you see Manderlay I should suggest to pay attention to:

Why numbers from 1 to 7 repesented the psychological division of the Manderlay slaves.
Why nobody took care about cotton plantation time
Why they can not cut down The old Lady's Garden.
What are the negative inherited behavior patterns at Manderlay.
Why Grace are thining that Manderlay is a moral obligation.
Is justified to kill by common agreement?

Enjoy it IMDB

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